About Our Communities

Located in the heart of the Midwest, Wise Estates and Wise Manor have become a staple of our community since our founding in the 1950s.
Family owned and operated since 1988, B&D Properties is now under the second generation of leadership. Our goal continues to be to offer reasonably priced and well maintained homes for our tenants..

B&D Properties offers affordable residential rental units in the Elkhart, Indiana area. Unlike most rental communities in the area, all of B&D Properties rental units come with utilities provided. We pay for your electric, natural gas, water, sewer/septic, lawn maintenance, snow removal, and trash services. B& Properties also has a full time, on-site maintenance team here to attend to any needed repairs. Offering a wide variety of floor plan and home styles, we have homes available for any kind of lifestyle. If you are interested, please contact us here or fill out a residential application today.

The application process for B&D Properties is actually quite simple. You can apply using one of three methods:

  • 1.) Apply Online by clicking here.
  • All applications require a $30.00 application fee to be paid prior to processing.


  • Security Deposit = $800.00
  • 1 Bedroom Unit = $200.00/week
  • 2 Bedroom Small Unit = $210.00/wk
  • 2 Bedroom Large Unit = $220/wk
  • 3 Bedroom Unit = $240.00/wk

Pet Fees:
  • $200.00 initial payment (+$100 for each additional pet)
  • $4.00/wk Pet Fee (+$1.00/wk for each additional pet)